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The Late Show

by 400 Lonely Things

Pounder 11:28
BRB 01:22
The noise on the stairs disturbs me. Somebody walks my way.
I hear your voice Way down inside. A whispering sea Of towering trees; But no reply. A silence so rare, And more than I can stand. Sweeps like a flood, Through life's flesh and blood, And steals away with it's heart. If I'm losing you, Then there's nothing more that I can say. The fighting is on, And battles are won, Or thrown away. But if I could live, Safe and sound, In God given fields, Or mountains of steel; Then here I'd stay. Till you'd gone. Guilty of stealing Every thought I own. I will take my turn To fight the bullfight. Every word's sunk in deep, Like the blades of a knife through my heart, But my strength will return To fight the bullfight. As time's come to show, I'm told nothing more than I should know. A ship on the sea that threatens to leave, But never goes. This island of blue, Where life clings to your hands Like water and sand, Will lose it's way When you're gone. When all's forgiven, Still every fault's my own, I will take my turn To fight the bullfight. Say a prayer for my release, When every hope in the world is asleep, And my strength will return To fight the bullfight.


While all of the 400 Lonely Things records are strange and a bit incomprehensible, even to its authors, The Late Show is perhaps the most baffling record in the 400 Lonely Things catalog. It provides some moments of genuinely difficult listening balanced out by detached rhythmic excursions, bizarre mash-ups, passages of blissful, simmering narcolepsy and quiet incoherence.

Material for this album was originally recorded between 1996 and 2008, with most of the album itself being assembled in 2005-2008.


released June 7, 2008

Craig Varian | Jonathan McCall




400 Lonely Things

Dark New Age for the New Dark Age

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